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Snow, Speed, Ski, State

By WarriorWord, 03/12/19, 9:30AM CDT


9 girls and 5 boys, 14 teammates coming together to cheer each other on.  On February 16-18 those 14 teammates, making up our Muskego High School ski team, went to state in LaCrosse.  5 skiers qualified for the State Championship, Maddie Wood placed 21st out of 149 girls, Sydney Klemz placed 46th out of 149, Izzy Wood placed 54th out of 149, Emmett Mathe placed 23rd out of 161, and Joe Tarkowski placed 58th out of 161.  One fun fact about the ski team is that one of their team members is homeschooled.  He is considered to be a student in Muskego which gives MHS the honor to host him on our ski team.  When asking skier Sydney Klemz what the hardest part of skiing is she states “The hardest part is definitely mental. Pushing yourself down the hill at a high speed with a risk of getting hurt can be scary, but it helps to have the support of your teammates cheering you on.”  She also says “The races are always the most memorable. It’s the time where everyone is together and we come together as a team and compete to do our best. Everyone cheers each other on at the top and bottom of the hill, and we all work together to make sure the next racer is prepared. The races are what brought us closer together.” Congratulations to the ski team for such a successful season.